Co-workers help friend battling cancer

Published 5:01 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

As the saying goes “a good friend is hard to come by,” that is not the case for Westgate Village RN nurses Tammy Wilson and Maggie Peavy. Their friend, Kim Woods, has been a bright spot in their lives since the day they crossed paths.

Now, the women are working to raise money to help in Woods’ fight with cancer.

“Kim and I started as office partners when I first got here eight years ago,” Wilson said. “She’s the kind of person that always has your back. She’s right there with you.”

Tammy Wilson, Maggie Peavy, Kelly Jernigan and Kim Woods are all smiles during a special occasion at Westgate Village.

They speak of Woods with heavy hearts, like clinging to a past memory; yet laugh at warmer memories of their 41-year old friend.

Currently their good friend is not working alongside them. Instead, she is nearly 400 miles away in Jacksonville, Fla., undergoing cancer treatment at the Mayo Clinic.

Woods was diagnosed with peritoneal colon cancer in May 2015. In May 2016, she underwent chemotherapy. Up until January of this year Woods has gone through extensive chemotherapy in Jacksonville. She recently had surgery at the clinic and is recovering.

As Woods battles cancer, Wilson, Peavy and the rest of Westgate Village wanted to help.

With help from others, Wilson has organized a raffle of a special hand made quilt. Cost of is $5 per ticket or five for $20. Money raised will be used for healthcare expenses.

“My fear for Kim is for her to lose her (health) insurance, so the goal is to make enough money to help with that concern.”

Wilson said Woods’ mom, Kathy Kirby, has been ‘Woods’ heart’ and is in Jacksonville with her as she recovers from treatment.

Wilson and Peavy said they would like to express thanks to the Yancey Jernigan Foundation, outpatient department at D.W. McMillan Memorial Hospital, Dr. Rami S. Owera and staff, CRN April Lucas, Emmie Jernigan of Comfort Care Hospice, Lisa Anthony and RN Kim Shell.

“We’d also like to thank all our Westgate family and Trenton McInnish and Susan Harp,” Wilson said.

The hand-made quilt that will be given to the raffle winner.

To purchase tickets, contact Wilson or Lisa Anthony at Westgate Village at 251.867.6077. The raffle winner for the handmade quilt will be announced Sat., April 15.

Donations are also being accepted a at “Kim Woods Cancer Fight.”