We’ve got the best library around

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This week I am jumping way back to 1952 – 65 years ago.

The AEA holidays were scheduled for March 18. Now for those of you who don’t know what that is, it was the way they did the spring break back in those days. When I was in school, we all looked forward to AEA. It was when teachers were supposed to be at some sort of meeting. I don’t know what happened (maybe the teachers didn’t want to go to meetings). Anyway, the holidays lasted only a couple of days at that time. Having a whole week would have been great, although I would still not been able to go to the beach. My mother had a hard enough time letting me go on a senior trip not long before graduation. Times were different back then.

Construction began on a new branch of Bank of Brewton that was to be located in the Brewton Heights Shopping Center.

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Residents of Brewton were gearing up for the annual Azalea Trail, spotlighting the flowers around town. This was a custom that took place for a number of years.

The Brewton Public Library was destined for some big changes. The library was working with funding by the United Fund, but David Miller offered the city a chance to display his collection of Audubon prints and paintings, if the library could be readied to take it on.

He was also to donate a sum of money for the building and was making the gesture in memory of his father, T.R. Miller. The city council voted to accept the offer.

I personally am glad to know that steps were taken at that time to enlarge and redesign the building at the corner of Belleville Ave. and West Jackson Street. We have one of the best small town libraries that I know of. Sometimes libraries are at the bottom of the list of things to have because, believe it or not, not everyone sees the value of having a nice library to use. I used it fifty years ago and still use it today. One might just be surprised to know the variety of things available there.

Mandy Horton, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wofford Horton, celebrated her 16th birthday at a big party held at the Brewton Country Club, which used to be where Dogwood Hills Park is today.