Jobs coming to Brewton

Published 5:06 am Wednesday, April 12, 2017

With the purchase of a spec building in the Brewton Industrial Park, Cashel Beams and Flooring will expand its operation and looks to add between 20 and 35 new employees over a 30-month period.

Broox Garrett, Brewton Development Authority spokesman, said the company purchased the last remaining speculative building in the city’s industrial park to implement new processes. Cashel will continue to operate inside its current industrial park location.

Cashel repurposes wood planks and beams from older buildings into high-quality, vintage flooring, beams and other wood products. Demand for the product is high, particularly among high-end designers and architects.

Coastal Gateway Regional Economic Development Alliance, which serves local existing industries, has been involved with helping Cashel increase its capacity.

John A. Johnson, Coastal Gateway’s executive director, said, “It’s been a joy to help the company grow and expand its product line. We’re excited to see what Cashel is able to do next.”

Will Ruzic, assistant director for existing industry at Coastal Gateway, said the company was able to make use of many services to expand several times over the past two years.

“They went from a company of three employees to 15, to now heading north of 30,” Ruzic said. “They had a supply and demand problem – they had too much of both. But they weren’t able to manage all of their supply, and as a result, weren’t able to meet all of their demand. These services, along with the acquisition of the spec building, give Cashel room to grow.”

Jess Nicholas, assistant director for communication and research at Coastal Gateway, said economic activity around the region as a whole was on an upswing.

Brewton Mayor Yank Lovelace said, ““We are thrilled to see dynamic companies reaching their potential here in Brewton. As mayor, I realize how important it is to provide support for existing industry even as we pursue growth in many diverse sectors.

“We have progressive leadership and a council ready to work for Brewton,” he said. “It’s evident everywhere and we are seeing great things happen.”