That liquid medicine was terrible

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Forty-five years ago, in 1972, the vocational center students constructed a small house as a group project. They learned several types of construction in the one building. Kenneth Martin, the instructor, said the building was to be moved to Nalty Tree Farm.

The photo that was with the write-up made me think of the “tiny houses” that are going up all over the country. I love them and wish I had one. That would be big enough for me.

Doris Bruner wrote a story comparing the treatment of today with days of long ago. It was very interesting because I remember it much the same as she did.

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She said that with the coming of May, off came the “long johns” worn all winter. I don’t remember having long johns, but I do remember layering my clothes against the cold. When winter was finally over, I can remember my mother and her sister stopping the rolling store and getting the biggest bottle of the worst tasting medicine that they could. Then my brother, cousins and I were treated to a cleansing to get rid of whatever they thought we had. Believe you me, the remedy was worst than whatever was wrong with us. And have you ever had a dose of medicine to rid you of the feeling of being “puny?” Everybody was treated with a terrible liquid medicine that was called a “tonic.

“Have you ever had a cold and been treated with a cerecloth? It was made of several layers of flannel soaked with Vicks and turpentine and who knows what else? Whatever it was, it smelled really bad, but at least it opened up the nose. Do any of you remember any of this?

Curtis Ray Parker was appointed by the East Brewton City Council to the Southwest Alabama Region Mental Health-Mental Retardation Center.

The Alabama Association of Chiefs of Police held a meeting in Brewton at the Ramada Inn.

Remember the Ramada Inn? It will be nice when we get a new hotel so clubs and organizations can hold their meetings there.

“Rocky” was showing at the Eagle Drive-In.

Bertha Johnson of Brewton Middle School and Jane Smith of W.S. Neal were both named Teachers of the Week.

Jon Moody, son of Terry Moody and the late Melvin Moody, was selected for an award. Jon’s photo was taken against a busy background of flowers and he was wearing a flowered shirt. It was hard to see Jon in the photo. But, one thing about Jon, he was always really smart, as was the rest of the children in the family.