City: Small amount of flooding is expected

Published 3:21 pm Wednesday, June 21, 2017

City officials are predicting a small amount of flooding in downtown Brewton as local waters continue to rise.

Craig Jerkins, Brewton’s Public Works Director, said just before 3 p.m. Tuesday that Ann Street in Brewton is the only official road closure.

Jerkins said parts of Persimmon Street will be closed before morning.

“But, at Ala. Hwy. 41 in East Brewton, we are expecting a small flooding but it should be passable by lunchtime tomorrow,” Jerkins.

Jerkins said currently the waters at Burnt Corn Creek are rising and measure at 19 feet.

“Remember, flood stage is 24 foot, and we are watching things very closely,” he said. “We want people to remember to stay calm.”

In East Brewton, there are no announced road closures.