Graduation, Vietnam, caves

Published 8:00 am Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Fifty years ago, in 1967, school was out and kids were on their own as to what to do.

Swimming lessons were being taught at Municipal swimming pool under the direction of assistant coach Frank Cotton. East Brewton opened a teen center on Shofner St. Around 100 teens showed up for the opening. Brewton, too had a teen program set up.

The first graduating class of Jefferson Davis Junior College consisted of 23 people.

Mrs. Peavy’s preschool also held its graduating program for the little ones. Do you remember Mrs. Peavy? She prepared pre-schoolers for their introduction into the first grade. She sent many Brewton area kids off to school with a head-start.

The Brewton Rotary Club was to sponsor Ana Lia Dover, a student from Argentina, to live in the home of Dr. Bob Low and attend T.R. Miller High School.

A section of U.S. 31 south from the Burnt Corn Bridge to Container Corporation was to be four-laned.

A Brewton soldier, Sgt. Clide Brown Jr., was featured on the front of Time Magazine during the war in Vietnam.

Carp’s in Brewton was selling cardigan sweaters for $5.55 and ladies’ loafers were $2.57. I wonder just how many of those sweaters they sold. My guess is the weather at that time of the year was not suited to cold weather.

I noticed an article about Sanders Cave. Now if you don’t know about this site, it is a cave that is near Brooklyn, said to have sheltered several gangsters and crooks in the last century.

I can even remember a time not so long ago that some sheriff’s deputies went into the cave looking for someone who broke the law. After rummaging around in the cave, they had to be taken to the hospital in Mobile because they had been exposed to bat guano. So don’t run up to Sanders Cave to take a look, because it is dangerous.

After a drought in May, a good soaking in June was expected to help the local farmers with their crops.

Maybe this will be a sign of the times, because we have certainly gotten a lot of rain lately. Maybe it will help the present day crops as well.

Brewton Heights Shopping Center’s new addition, Bank of Brewton Mini Bank, was set to open.

A U.S. Navy plane crashed near Brewton. Although the plane was torn apart, the two men on board walked away with minor injuries.

There was a notice of a local soldier, Joseph Hammac, who had been killed in Vietnam.

One last thing caught my attention. I began to notice the advertisements for furniture. I had forgotten just how ugly it was in the 60’s. It looked cheap and barely put together. I don’t remember it really being that way, but I guess it was.