Where did the Newcomers Club go?

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, June 28, 2017

In 1977, 40 years ago, Steve Johnson of Brewton was named to be a cheerleader with Troy State University for the 1977-78 school year. He was currently a junior at the college.

Billy Earl Cook recently opened his law office on Douglas Ave.

This was in 1977 and he has been in business ever since. About the only difference I saw was the color and amount of his hair. He is a lot grayer than he was then and has less hair. Billy Earl, I hope you don’t mind me teasing you about the changes. Believe me, I have changed also. With all we go through in 40 years, we are lucky to still be here.

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$40,000 was budgeted by the House Public Works Appropriation Committee for a flood study here in Brewton.

Frances Dixon was profiled as being an English teacher at Brewton Middle School.

Dale Garner, Superintendent of the Brewton City School Board, presented a gift to Onie Mae Dawson when she retired after teaching for 36 years.

There was yet another cute photograph of the graduating class at Mrs. Peavy’s Preschool.

For many years, Mrs. Peavy’s class was the only one available here in Brewton. Many area children got their educational start at her school on Douglas Ave.

Leon’s was having a pre-season coat sale with everything marked down. The sale prices were up to 33.3 % off the regular price. I don’t know if they sold any coats, but Mrs. Clara Peavy, the unofficial weather lady in town, said that it had been unusually “hot” with a high of 101 degrees.

KFC had a deal where one could buy a chicken dinner for $1.79 and get the second for 89 cents. Bet you won’t find that deal anywhere today.

Piggly Wiggly had frozen fryer quarters for 59 cents a pound and boneless chuck roast for 77 cents a pound. IGA had chuck roast for 69 cents a pound.

Around 140 marijuana plants were found in East Brewton and destroyed.

There was a nice article in The Brewton Standard about the RSVP and the fact that members are no longer sitting in their rocking chairs, but are out doing many other projects for the elderly in our area.

Lastly I saw an article about the Newcomer’s Club meeting. I don’t know when this group was discontinued. When we moved to Brewton in 1966, we were welcomed to town by the Newcomer’s Club. We were given some welcoming gifts and our photograph was in The Brewton Standard. I thought it was all very nice. Whatever stopped this practice I don’t know, but maybe the idea needs revisiting.