East Brewton to conduct smoke tests

Published 5:37 pm Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The City of East Brewton will be testing sanitary sewer lines by use of smoke in the Mayo Street, Andrew Jackson Street, Beasley Street, and Eby Street areas of the city beginning on Tues., Aug. 15.

The smoke should not enter any premises unless a leak is present. The presence of smoke in any house should be reported immediately to the personnel conducting the test or by calling city hall.

Residents should avoid unnecessary exposure to the smoke. The smoke is relatively harmless but may be irritating to nasal passages.

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Any smoke irritation will be temporary and should quickly disappear after exposure has ceased.

Persons with heart and respiratory ailments, such as emphysema, should leave the house during the test. House pets will react in a manner similar to a prudent person and leave the smoky areas.

If an exit is not available, be sure pets are provided with proper ventilation.