Bridges, taxes, football

Published 7:00 am Wednesday, August 9, 2017

In 2007, just 10 years ago, there was an article in The Brewton Standard about the local bridges and how safe they are. This was all brought up because of a bad accident on a bridge up north somewhere. The county engineer, Bill Bridges, assured the bridges around here are not in bad condition and no one need worry about using them.

Well, 10 years later it is taking a terrible long time to build a new bridge over the Conecuh River at Riverview. I am sure they are building it as fast as they can, but it just seems like a long time.

The state was set to launch a new initiative to fight traffic fatalities in the state, “Take Back Our Highways.”

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The Tennessee Toe Tappers brought their quick feet to the East Brewton Sail Center to entertain the elderly.

East Brewton raised its taxes to bring in more money for the city. City officials said the raise was needed to off-set the budget. Sales tax was raised by one cent, garbage fees by $4 a month and $20 for license fees. Now of course, as one would imagine, the citizens of East Brewton were not excited to hear this news.

Both W.S. Neal Football team and W.S. Neal Band were taking the heat on the practice field getting ready for the first game of the season.

The Escambia County Junior Miss program was held and the winner was Caitlyn Grace Luttrell of Brewton. She was selected as Miss Junior Miss of 2008.

Smurfit-Stone was sold to Geogia-Pacific making it the fourth time in 50 years that the name of the mill had changed. This change brought forth a little bit of apprehension by  the employees until things settled down.

It was the time of year that farmers were harvesting their crops and finding unusual vegetables in the process. Durak Williams grew a 116 pound pumpkin and Larry and Fred Dixon grew a large watermelon. There was no weight recorded of the melon.

An article written by Lisa Tindell for The Brewton Standard, was interesting. She wrote about her son, Landon, going into the third grade and how mature he was about it.  She was a little bit upset he was so grown up about it. That was 10 years ago and now she is sending him off to college. I am sure there are others of you who are shedding a few tears as your little ones, and even your older ones, enter the real world.