Solar eclipse brought good times around nation

Published 4:55 am Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The path of the solar eclipse on Monday was an event that will go down in history.

For the first time in 99 years, a total solar eclipse happened. Many travelers around the nation flocked to destinations just to get the best glimpse of the phenomenon.

From Oregon to South Carolina, scientist to the Average Joe put on their solar glasses (or rigged up cardboard boxes) and basked at the the covered sun while in darkness.

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I have to say I was a little bummed. It was great to watch on television. But meanwhile in Brewton, cloud cover was heavy.Very soon we were in heavy showers.

Our time to witness the event approached, but it never came. Well it happened, just not like I thought or many of us envisioned.

I admit I was ill prepared anyway.

I grasped the significance of a total solar eclipse the day before. I did’t have any glasses. My coworker graciously offered to allow me to use her’s when the time was right.

Maybe next time will be different.

I did like how the eclipse united our country. For a day we were able to focus on something else that was bigger than ourselves. There’s a lot going on in our nation and abroad, and any chance to unite for something good is a blessing.

I was watching a livefeed of a watch party in Nashville, Tenn. Music was playing and people were having a good time. One lady that was interviewed was from Michigan. She took the trip with some loved ones and was celebrating her 39th birthday that day.

Local schools still found a way to make a joyous occasion out of the event despite the rain. One class I saw in particular had donuts. Let the good times roll.

Scientist say the next solar eclipse will return in 2024. In the meantime we have plenty of video and commentary we can search through on social media or YouTube. That will help fight off the nostalgia.

Really how was there a world before YouTube?