Girl scouting is a great program for young girls

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, September 13, 2017

I was dismayed to read that there are no more Girl Scouts in Brewton and the city is making a decision about the Cola Parker Girl Scout Hut. In my opinion, Girl Scouting is one of the top programs in teaching girls to become great citizens and leaders. I was involved in Scouting for 15 years and as time went by it became more difficult to find people willing to work with troops.

Many of the young ladies who passed through their scouting years are now successful leaders in our community.

When the paper mill came to Brewton, wives of the workers led troops. I remember many wonderful conversations with past leaders like Estelle Low, Pearl Alford, Sybil Mitchell and Dement Hays. Mrs. Cola Parker brought scouting to Brewton. The Hut has a plaque by the front door formally naming it the Cola Parker Girl Scout Hut. The Civic League has been known over the years for sponsoring Scouting. I think it would be great to have memorabilia showcased in the Hut.

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Girl Scouting followed the times and updated the things Scouts could earn badges in. Nowadays, the age of computers, etc. is included. What a shame to have no participation in such a wonderful program. I plead with the city not to move the Hut, but to leave it in place. Maybe it could be used for small meetings. I truly think there are many girls who pass by it and have great memories of meetings, camping and fellowship.

My sincere wish is that people will come forward to start Scouting in Brewton again and encourage girls to participate.

Lorena Brickman Frederick

Brewton resident