The irresponsibility needs to end

Published 5:00 am Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Column by Tori Bedsole

A video released last week from Troy University depicts the president of a fraternity at Troy making discriminatory remarks at a Halloween party toward other students, who were dressed as Hispanics, while wearing a Donald Trump mask and “Make America Great Again” hat.

The fraternity is currently under investigation by university officials and the national fraternity.

At Florida State University, the body of a young man, who was pledging a fraternity, was found Friday morning. A member of a different fraternity was arrested on drug charges in the same week.

FSU’s president decided to indefinitely suspend all Greek activities on the campus following these incidents.

The actions of a few college students have begun to define the generation as a whole. There are so many well-rounded leaders in this young generation that are being overshadowed by a small group.

The students who attend these universities should be banding together to make a change in the culture of the academic institutions for the better.

As a Troy University student, I am discouraged by the actions that have come to light this week.

I have never felt out of place at Troy. It is the place I call home, where I met my husband and some of the greatest friends I have ever had. I recognize, however, that my experience is not the experience of everyone who attends our university.

When international students who make Troy University the international university that it is are intimidated and afraid to become a part of the university, when they are not being woven into the fabric of the culture and community of Troy University that is a problem.

It is not an issue that university administrators will be able to correct though. This cultural issue is one for the students of the Troy University, and universities across the country, to recognize and take ownership of.

This irresponsibility among college-aged people needs to end. The blame is on no one but ourselves.

Tori Bedsole is an intern with The Brewton Standard and is a senior at Troy University majoring in political science.