It’s been great, Brewton

Published 10:38 am Wednesday, December 6, 2017

It seems I’m staring at a blank Word document for the final time as the publisher of The Brewton Standard.

Strange words to see in black and white, I know.

For years, I’ve dedicated myself to the newspaper, but on Friday, I’ll start a new journey with a national non-profit. I always said that if I left the newspaper business, it would have to be for something that made a difference in the community. My new role fits that description to a “T.”

But before I go, I have to brag on the Brewton community for a few.

When we arrived a little more than four years ago, there was no hesitation on your part to make us feel welcome. Coming from a daily paper to a weekly, I was prepared for the change in our day-to-day schedules. What I wasn’t prepared for was figuring out how to do that because trying to make a new home is not an easy task; however, the people here made the transition so much better. When I needed to know who to call to fix our stove, someone had the answer. When we needed to find a special kind of shoe for dance, all it took was a quick question and someone – again – had the answer.

It’s people aside, Brewton truly is a great place to live. One needs to look no further than our city parks to know that the people who live here care. From making sure Christmas is brighter for local needy children to providing back to school supplies, there is always someone willing to stand up and work for a better community.

In closing, I can’t say “thank you” enough to everyone who ushered us in with open arms from everyone in the Brewton City School System to every person who introduced themselves to me along the way.

And, while I won’t be at the St. Nicholas Avenue office, we’ll still be around. The girls will continue on at school here, I’ll still be in the stands at the (insert sport of choice here) games. Come up and say, “Hi.”