TRM awarded grant for advanced placement courses

Published 8:54 am Friday, March 2, 2018

Next fall, T.R. Miller joins 176 Alabama high schools offering Advanced Placement (AP®) courses and additional resources to help students earn a qualifying score on the AP exam.


A+ College Ready works to boost the number of students in Alabama taking and earning qualifying scores in math, science, English, social studies, and computer science Advanced Placement courses. Participating schools receive comprehensive teacher training and support for Advanced Placement students and teachers, as well as training for ALL teachers in grades 6-11 in math and grades 6-10 in science, English, social studies, and computer science in order to increase growth and achievement for ALL Alabama students.


“We are honored and excited for the opportunity to participate in the A+ College Ready grant.” said Ron Snell, Principal at TR Miller High School.  T.R. Miller is one of the new schools joining the ALSDE/A+ College Ready Program this fall. Snell went on to say, “Our goal is to expand opportunities for and enable all students to take and succeed in a challenging curriculum regardless of demographics. This fits perfectly with the goals for the A+ College Ready organization.”


The Alabama State Department of Education has partnered with A+ College Ready for more than 10 years to develop this initiative. Next year’s cohort will be the 11th group of schools participating in this statewide college-readiness program since its founding. ALSDE credits this partnership for helping thousands of Alabama students become college and career ready.


“We are elated that Brewton City Schools leaders and classroom teachers have chosen to implement this program in order to increase access and opportunity for their students,” said Tammy Dunn, Vice President for Academic Affairs, A+ College Ready. “Every year it is a joy to welcome new schools into the A+ College Ready family.  We look forward to what can be accomplished for Alabama students as a result of these new partnerships.”


Alabama has consistently ranked number one among all 50 states in the percent increase in qualifying scores on math, science and English AP exams from 2008-2016 for all students, and 3rd in the nation for minority students.


“As a seasoned college professor and representative on the State School Board, I fully support the efforts of A+ College Ready in increasing access to quality instruction for all Alabama students,” said Dr. Cynthia McCarty, elected to the Alabama State Board of Education in 2014 to represent District 06. “With nine days of intensely rigorous annual professional development expected of participating AP teachers, the teachers are certainly well prepared to provide challenging, college-level environments for students, no matter the setting or size of the school.”


For the 2018-19 school year, T.R. Miller is projected to accomplish the following goals:

  • Implement 6 AP courses in math, science, English, social studies and computer science (MSESSCS)
  • Add approximately 35 new enrollments to AP MSESSCS courses
  • Reach a goal of 26 students earning new qualifying scores on AP MSESSCS exams over a three-year period
  • Aggressively expand enrollment in courses in 6th-11th grade that lead up to AP courses to create a pipeline of students prepared for college-level work
  • Significantly increase the number of students meeting critical college-ready benchmarks on ACT-based assessments