TRM boy’s wins area matchup against Bayside

Published 6:42 pm Tuesday, March 20, 2018

T.R. Miller tennis team took on Bayside Tuesday, where the boys were successful defeating Bayside in the area matchup 7-2.

“This was an important win for our boy’s team,” head coach Terri Thompson said. We will see Bayside again at sectionals.

The girls’ team was overwhelmed by Bayside, losing 9-0. Thompson said, “Bayside always has a great tennis team.”

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Results are listed below:

Boys’ singles:

No. 1: Garrett Cave defeated Henry Dawhan 8-5

No.2: Sam Terry lost to Ty Kennegieter 3-8

No.3: Matthew Bishop defeated Arsheya Maghsoud 8-2

No.4: Clay Lang lost to Sam Britain 8-9

No.5: Noah Winton defeated Charles Yow 8-4

No.6: Colby Dehoff defeated Craig Hunter 8-2

Boys’ doubles:

No.1: Cave/Terry defeated Kannegieter/Hunter 8-3

No.2: Bishop/Lang defeated Britain/Yow 8-4

No.3: Winton/C.Blevins defeated Dowhan/Head 8-1

Girls’ singles:

No.1: Kennedy Harp lost to Claire Prickett 1-8

No.2: Bentley Webb lost to Evelyn Prickett 2-8

No.3: Ella Hart lost to Ellie Perry 1-8

No.4: Tori Knapp lost to Mae Taul 1-8

No.5: Anna Bishop lost to Omelia Macpherson 0-8

No.6: Erica Howell lost to Mary Catherine Branyon 1-8

Girls’ doubles:

No.1: Harp/Knapp lost to Prickett/Prickett 3-8

No.2: Hart/Howell lost to Taul/Branyon 3-8

No.3: Webb/Qualls lost to Perry/Macpherson 4-8

Thompson said, “I’m proud that our boys came out ready to compete.”

TRM next match will be a rivalry match against W.S. Neal Thursday at T.R. Miller at 3:30 p.m.