Where’s the cash

Published 6:25 pm Tuesday, April 3, 2018

It’s all the craze in Brewton and surrounding areas as Dash-4-Cash scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt started March 23, where the money had been hidden for a week and a half.

When the Brewton Standard went to press, the pot was up to $7,300.

The hunting areas that have been listed are Brewton, Flomaton, Evergreen, Atmore and Monroeville. Jay was a listed area but it has been eliminated from the search. Clues are listed every so often depending on how many views David Jennings and Ken James get on their show, which is called Drive Time with DJ & KJ.

James said, “The theme for this hunt for the cash is to bring the community together.” He said he feels if we can bring our community together just for a little while there has to be some good in that and that’s how the scavenger hunt started. “We want to have a positive influence on the community,” Jennings said.

They love the positivity of seeing old friends and getting the opportunity to make new friends as this goes on. James wants to bring the community together and get their mind off the negative things and focus and bring positive things to the community.

The hunt started with $1,000 of Peach Ford money then it just came about. James said it makes him feel good to see people do something and work on things as a family.

They started the show in a way to get the community together as a family. They have not provided any money. The money has been donated from the generosity of the good will of the people in the community. “People started chipping in and now it is what it is,” James and Jennings said. Peach Ford and Peach Chevrolet are the sponsors.

“Dash-4-Cash has been sponsored by the multitude,” Jennings said. “This could have not been possible without the help of Peach Ford a lot of recognition goes to them.”