TRM closes out season with a 7-1 loss to Wicksburg

Published 4:19 pm Saturday, May 12, 2018

The T. R. Miller Tigers and also the area champs of class 3A were on the road for round one of the playoffs, where they played against Wicksburg in Gulf Shores

The Tigers came out the gate looking like a team that was ready for the competition that was in store. The Tigers was on defense and was successful of getting three early outs against the Panthers.

Steely Ruzic was first at the bat where her plate appearance resulted in a walk for her. Next to bat was Myra Reiss who got a base-hit pushing Ruzic to second while she gets on first.

Going into the second inning the Panthers got a hit that allowed them a run to home base and a double for the hitter. The Panthers went on a 4-0 late in the second.

TRM Head coach Chris Baker called a time-out to make adjustments for his team. Ruzic ended the 4-0 run with a catch.

In the third the tigers continued their defensive play with Mallori Floyd catching the base-hit and threw it to Myra Reiss on first base for the out. Then eventually the Tigers got their third out and went back to work at the bat.

At the end of the third inning the score was 4-0 in favor of the Panthers.

In the fourth inning Madison Brown got a double which led her to second base. Next to bat was Addie Smith who also got a base-hit to get to first and pushed Sara Grace Gerety, who replaced Brown to get to home-base. Making it a 5-1 run late in the fourth.

TRM headed into the fifth inning down 5-1. Ruzic was at bat again, getting a single. The Panthers caught the Tigers basehits and got another run going to the sixth inning with a 6-1 lead.

The Panthers got a homerun that extended the lead to 7-1 lead.

The game ended in the seventh with Wickburg defeating the Tigers 7-1.

“They kept us in a hole, and kept us off bounce. In a game like this it’s hard to come back in a big game. Smith pitched a good game and Ruzic played well,” Baker said.