Football turns boys into men

Published 3:43 pm Tuesday, May 22, 2018

When’s the best time for boys to play football? Sometimes the biggest question is always asked about parents and their sons who are ready to play sports. The fathers would say it will make them tough and strong, but on the other hand, mothers would say, “I don’t want my son to get hurt or end up in the hospital.”

My advice to the parents of these young men is to let them decide what they want to do, and let the coaches do their jobs. Coaches will not put the kids in situations were they know they will get hurt. Besides they will have the correct gear that will keep them safe from any critical danger.

Kurt Warner, a Hall of Fame quarterback who played for the St. Louis Rams, the New York Giants and the Arizona Cardinals. He mentioned that if your child is at risk, you’re always concerned about that. He also said, “He understands the football side of it and what it taught him.”

Warner loves the game of football and he also coached his son, where he could be there and monitor his son as he played and practiced.

Seeing the competition, athleticism and hard work that the boys put in, should make every parent proud of his or her son.

I’m actually looking forward to the day when I see my son playing football.