BPD, BCS partner to make schools safer

Published 12:39 am Wednesday, May 23, 2018

School shootings throughout the nation have prompted Brewton Police Chief Monte McGougin and the Brewton Police Department to step up their training to ensure they can protect students in Brewton City School system.

McGougin, who was present at Monday night’s board of education meeting said that he has his police officers have been discussing whether they would be ready in an active shooter situation.

McGougin said they determined they would not.

In an effort to work to ensure they would be prepared, McGougin and company have worked to change their policies, and have sought advice from a Baldwin County agency comprising ex-military and ex-police officers.

McGougin told the board of education that the agency will send two guys to conduct walk-throughs of each school in Brewton.

“They will find problem areas,” he said. “They will put it in a format we can read and we will be able to see what kind of money needs to be spent and what kind of staff training is needed.”

As a second part to that, McGougin said, his officers will spend next month ensuring they are familiar with all three schools.

He said about half of the officers were that familiar with the new middle school.

“We will conduct special training in all three schools,” he said.

McGougin said this was a good opportunity for the BPD and BCS to work together.