Paws Crossed Dog Rescue has first-ever airplane transport

Published 6:05 pm Tuesday, June 5, 2018

On Sat., May 12, Paws Crossed Dog Rescue has its first ever transport by airplane.

Nine puppies from the local area were flown to Save a Life, a rescue in Florida from the Brewton Airport.

Cliff Muzzio was the pilot who works independently to fly dogs all over.

It is amazing to meet all the different people who use their talents to help save dogs and give them homes to be loved in.

We had so many of our own board member and volunteers help to get all nine puppies ready for this amazing trip.

Transports is something we do on occasion to help dogs get adopted when our rescue is full and there is another rescue with space for dogs or sometimes its used to get an adopted dog to their forever home.

As we always say in the dog rescue world “It takes a community” and this shows just how big the community is to help save dogs.