Franklin Primary holds sidewalk dedication

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Brewton Family Dental Center and CEO Charles White recently dedicated a new sidewalk for the elderly in wheelchairs to enter into the Brewton dental center.

“A special thanks to the McMillian trust fund, R & B construction and Mr. Rodney Butts,” White said.

There are no more concerns or worries for the elderly people getting inside the building due to the sidewalk.

White said, “We are here to help, get you the care you need because oral health is important. We want to keep your teeth clean and keep that those wonderful smiles on your faces.”

The Franklin Primary Health center is a center that helps and serves as a provider in the communities. The center showed their dedication and supported the Brewton dental center with this stairwell dedication.

“We have 23 locations, 50 doctors where we provide dental service,” White said. The Franklin Primary Health center, Inc. also has substances abuse clinics where they help people get off drugs. They also provide impatient care and have eye doctors that provide care in the hospitals.

They have an in-house pharmacy and supplies people with the 340 program.

White said, “It’s a federal program for medicine where you can have a contract with Wal- Mart, CVS, Walgreens and Fred’s for your medicine.”

When White started out as the CEO he only had five workers including himself. Then the numbers increased and he now has 300 workers. “We have grown quite a bit in 35 years,” he said.