Library summer program starts Thursday

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Most educators inspire and motivate kids to continue their reading over the summer. The Brewton library will have a summer library program for tweens starting Thursday through July 26.

Lynn Likely, director of the Brewton Library said, “Our biggest thing is to get the kids here, get them books to read, free coupons to get food and encourage them to read during the summer.”

Study shows that it takes teachers 60-90 days to get their students back to where they was that previous year.

“Libraries rock is a collaborate theme throughout the state of Alabama, the police department will be present and it will be fun for kids of all ages,” Likely said.

The program will have a lot of games and events like game night, phase ten, cupcake wars, Uno, craft night, karaoke, poetry slam, heads up, paint night, movie night and make-up classes which will be on Thursdays at 5:30.

For each event you attend your name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win prizes which will be given away at the last meeting, July 30.

The following events will be set for each day:

• June 14, the rock party where there will be something for everyone.

• June 21, marbled toothpick painting, and Michelle’s magical poodles show.

• June 28, collage and marbled toothpick painting, enjoy Brewton dance studio and interfit martial arts.

• July 5, CD dream catchers, and the Brewton fire department is coming with Dusty the dragon and the big fire trucks.

• July 12, yarn painting and blues music.

• July 19, rain stick, African thumb piano, toilet roll kazoo and beat at your best drum extravaganza with Mark Seymour.

• July 26, sharpie mugs, glowing bouncy balls, red cup challenge and animal tales where they will offer engaging and involvement introduction to animals of different kinds.

For more information call the Brewton Public Library at 251-867-4626 and lunches will be provided