Looking back: Residents ready for festival

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Thirty years ago, in 1988, residents of Brewton and East Brewton were all getting ready for the 1988 Blueberry Festival. Blueberries in this area had a bad growth year with a late freeze hitting the crops.

Police officers in Atmore were forced to shoot a deer inside B.C.Moore’s. The officers tried to direct the deer outside, but the deer was “hysterical” and they had no choice but to shoot.

That makes me remember a few years back when a deer ran through a window at Dollar General. Luckily that deer was steered out the back door.

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It was election time and the newspaper was full of ads leading up to the election. Tim Hawsey was running for probate judge while Aubrey Adams was running for district 2 on the county commission.

There were many more on the ticket for June. Huey Johnson of East Brewton was running for place 2 on the East Brewton City Council.

Jefferson Davis Junior College president, George McCormick, resigned to go to another position and the college was looking for a new president.

Escambia County tax collector, Bob Bonner, auctioned off property that was delinquent in paying taxes.

Dr. Dan Raulerson and Dr. Marsha Raulerson were adding a new wing to his office on Belleville Ave. for her to move into. The $300,000 wing would give them more space for patients and storage.

The crops were needing rain very badly. Local citizens said that it hadn’t been that dry since 1977.

Finally; West Gate Village Nursing Home had a big cookout for its residents. They were entertained by Hank Locklin and the Happy Hearts from First Baptist Church of Brewton. One of the highlights was the quilt put together by the Members of Educationable Mentally Retarded Classes.