Pollard-McCall gets grant to remodel workroom

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pollard-McCall School and Gulf Coast Resource Conservation & Development (RC&D) Council, State Senator Greg Albritton and State Representative Alan Baker recently announced a $5,500 grant from Gulf Coast RC&D to remodel the teacher workroom.

    The teacher workroom was in desperate need of remodeling due to long term deterioration.  Pollard-McCall School was built in 1922 and the original building is currently used for instruction.

Before the workroom was improved, teachers had no place to work on projects.

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  Pollard-McCall School Principal Buddy Powell stated that the improvements made to their teacher’s lounge was outstanding.

“Prior to the upgrade the teachers had no room for their lunch and the bathrooms were in desperate need of improvement,” said Powell.

Sen. Greg Albritton said that the teachers and faculty should have the ability take a break and work on projects during a long school day and the workroom was essential to improving the overall learning environment.

“ We count on our teachers to provide a great deal of energy while they are training the next generation of leaders in our community,” said Albritton, “The workroom will be a great place for them to finish projects and recharge.”

Rep. Alan Baker stated that due to the strong community support, dedicated faculty and staff, and excellent students, the educational setting at Pollard-McCall school is quite special.

“As the teacher/faculty workroom was in dire need of an overhaul and improving the restrooms, I was glad to fully support the funding of this worthy and most needed project,” said Baker.

Escambia County Commissioner and Gulf Coast RC&D Board

Member Raymond Wiggins stated that the teacher workrooms and bathroom facilities should provide a much more comfortable environment and was thankful that the grant was made available through Gulf Coast RC&D.

“Our teachers work extremely hard through out the school year and I’m thankful that our state and local leaders work so well together and able to find some resources to help them,” said Wiggins.

The Gulf Coast RC&D Council is a 501-c3 nonprofit entity that is established and run by volunteers to carry out the mission of the RC&D. 

The Council is composed of members that are key community leaders in soil and water conservation, government, and community development from Baldwin, Mobile and Escambia Counties.

     For more information about Gulf Coast RC&D please visit us at http://gulfcoastrcd.org/index.htm.