The NBA trade deals continue

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Trade deals and other adjustments are being made throughout the NBA and LeBron James is looking excited and ready to go as a Los Angeles Laker.

The Lakers are still working on a few adjustments in recruiting a few more guys to build around James. The Lakers have brought in Channing Frye, who played along side James when they were in Cleveland, Javale McGee, who has won two championships with the reigning champs the Golden State Warriors. He said he wants to win a title with James. The Lakers also added point guard Rajon Rondo from the New Orleans Pelicans and guard Lance Stephenson from the Indian Pacers.

I look forward to seeing how James and Stephenson play with other since they had that incident with Stephenson blowing in James’ ear when they faced off in the 2014 Eastern-Conference finals. The two have always had a rivalry but now they are playing together. I wonder what will it be like seeing them on the court.

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There is a lot to see come the regular season. Can this Laker team pull through and defeat the Warriors? The team is being built around defense and toughness. There is nothing more that James would like to do but get revenge on the Warriors.

The question is does this Lakers team have what it takes to challenge the Warriors and the other teams in the Western conference?

I think the Lakers will make it to the playoffs, but they will not make to the finals. The reason why is because, they are new and still in the developing stage. It takes time for a new team to learn each other and play well together. Another reason is because the Warriors have the best three shooters in the world on their team and it won’t be easy to shut them down.

What do you guys think? Can the Lakers overcome the Western conference and beat the Warriors or will the Warriors claim another championship?