PG remains a Thunder with Westbrook

Published 6:00 am Wednesday, August 1, 2018

As we know Paul George played his first season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, playing alongside one of the leagues top point guards in Russell Westbrook.

Recently, George agreed to remain with the Thunder and turned down the offer to be a Los Angeles Laker and team up with LeBron James?

I for one believe he made the right choice because, George and Westbrook are a good duo and I like to see the matchup between James and George. Whenever you see George and James compete against each other its always a great show between two great small forwards, great basketball awareness players, and two of the league’s top scoring athletes in the NBA. Despite the early first round exit in the playoffs George averages 22 points per game, continues to improve year-by-year, and you can see the improvement in his game with Westbrook by his side. Joshua Easley is a reporter for the Brewton Standard and can be contacted at

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