Keep challenging her, y’all

Published 6:20 pm Tuesday, August 28, 2018

She was frustrated.

She had that familiar look on her face; the one that I get when I’m being challenged.

“Momma, can you help me search about Greek architecture?”

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I was taken aback. Greek architecture? That’s something I know a little something about being an art minor.

I was instantly excited.

“What are you studying Greek architecture for?”

“What’s Doric, Ionic and Corinthian, Momma?”

I found out it was for an enrichment class that she thought would be interesting.

It was optional, but she was going to do it anyway.

Insert proud momma moment.

My child, who just last year whined about having to do extra work was voluntarily giving up playtime to learn something new.

I shouldn’t be surprised, but I was.

I was the kid who read the entire A to Z of the 1993 World Book Series.

I knew every president and state capital in the first grade and was the first kid to learn all 67 counties in my class the year we learned them.

She has my genes after all.

She’s grown up in the newspaper business.

Going to city council meetings and boards of education meetings and everything in between.

Of course, she’s going to want to learn something.

Even more than her interest, I’m so proud that she’s enrolled in a system that challenges its students to go above and beyond.

Twice in the last 10 days, I had the opportunity to listen to Dr. Kenneth Varner, superintendent of Brewton City Schools, talk about the brand – the TRM brand.

He talked about all the accomplishments academically and athletically that the system had accomplished.

Before moving to Brewton, Kenleigh has been enrolled in two other school systems, and I can attest that she’s been challenged the most since she stepped foot in Brewton Elementary School.

Keep on pushing!

– Kendra Majors is the publisher of the Brewton Standard.