Local lawn man looking for stolen vehicle, trailer, equipment

Published 3:39 pm Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Tommie Lee Jones has been cutting grass in Brewton and East Brewton for as long as he can remember.

But in the summer, while he was cutting grass near Florida Street and Ashton Street in East Brewton, someone took his vehicle, trailer all of his equipment except the mower he was using at the time.

“I was out mowing and it was a big yard,” he said. “I moved to the back to cut it and was there for about 20-25 minutes cutting it.”

When Jones returned to where his truck was parked, his truck and trailer and all the equipment was gone.

“I called my son to make sure he didn’t have it,” he said. “And he didn’t.”

Jones said he called the East Brewton Police Department, but he said no one came.

So, he had someone take him there.

“I talked to a lady,” he said. “The chief came out and took a copy of my insurance and driver’s license.”

Jones said his truck and equipment still hasn’t been found.

Jones said his vehicle is a black 1995 four-door Ford Explorer. He’s also missing a 5 x 12 trailer, three weed eaters – two Stihl brand and another, and two Black and Decker chainsaws, as well as a lot of cord.

“I also had hoes, rakes, trimmers, axes, blowers, all kinds of stuff,” he said.

There was also some cash in his arm rest because he has just gotten a check cashed.

The 75-year-old said that cutting lawns for local people has been what he’s done for years to help pay the bills.

“I’ve been here my whole life,” he said. “It sure knocks a hole in my funds.”

He’s had some friends who have stepped up and let him borrow their equipment when possible, and his son has been gracious enough to take his lawn mower to and from jobs.

“I won’t stop,” he said. “I just got to keep going.”

Jones said he just wants his stuff back.

East Brewton Police officials confirmed that they were looking for Jones’ stuff.

Anyone with any information, is asked to call the EBPD at (251) 867-4864.