TRM Bites Choctaw

Published 9:43 am Wednesday, September 5, 2018

As the night sky fell on Municipal Stadium at T.R. Miller High School on Friday night, the stadium light turned on illuminating the stage, for the first battle of the season for the Miller football team.

As the battle began with a kickoff to Choctaw County, the first cheers of the year from fans could be heard filling the air from blocks away from Miller High School.

Kicker Matt Morgan, despite a small ankle injury, laid boot to the ball to start the game.

Choctaw County would return and immediately get rocked by the TRM defensive line, bringing the punt team on the field after just three short downs.

Quarterback Blake Jernigan would come on to the field to start the opening drive for Miller.

Jernigan, would handoff to Jaylon Walker for a touchdown on a first and ten situation, only to have it called back on a penalty.

Jernigan would handoff to junior Kevon Samuel a few plays later for a rushing score to put TRM on the board 7-0.

Morgan would successfully attempt an onside kick, which result in a run into the end zone but was again called back due to a penalty.

Morgan and company would continue to work after the second touchdown call back, scoring on the same drive with a catch from senior, Jordan Hales.

The following PAT attempt from Matt Morgan would fall short leaving the Miller lead at 13-0.

Choctaw County would again take the field and try to answer the hits but would fall again as TRM’s, senior Matt Smith, would come up with an interception on the first play of the Choctaw Drive.

Miller would take over on the Choctaw 32-yard line.

The drive would include a 12-yard pass and a 4-yard run to setup another Kevon Samuel touchdown run followed by a completed PAT from Matt Morgan, making it 20-0.

TRM would continue to pound on Choctaw County for the rest of the quarter, but will not light up the scoreboard anymore for the remainder of the first quarter.

The Tigers would set up another passing touchdown to start the second quarter of the game, and extend the score to, 27-0.

On the kick after the score, senior Ricky Samuel would force a fumble recovery, ending in a safety touchdown for Miller and extend the lead to 34-0

Choctaw County would not have an answer for the Tigers success as TRM gained another rushing touchdown, extending the lead to 41-0.

Choctaw County would attempt to put together two derives but would fail to produce on either.

The two sides would retire to the locker room with the score holding at 41-0 lock.

The second half of the game would see only six minute quarters and a mess of younger players, eager to get their time in the game.

Choctaw County would show their tenacity and toughness by putting together a scoring drive with a touchdown rush but fall short on a two-point conversion, bringing the score to 41-6.

The rest of the game would not contain any scoring runs but instead a demonstration of a team who refuses to give up.

Choctaw County showed their true toughness as they refused to let the score get into their heads, instead they played every down as if it were the last.

“I was proud of my guys. They played great and they showed class. Our defense was unbelievable and the guys physical play was tremendous. Our quarterback managed the game in the right ways and was able to capitalize on opportunities,” said Keith Etheredge.

Miller passed for 109 yards with 12 attempts and 8 completions.

They also rushed for 138 yards with 8 first downs.

Choctaw County passed for 54 yards with 12 attempts and 4 completions and rush for a total of 15 times for a yardage of negative 7.

T.R. Miller will play host to the Excel High School Panthers this Friday in Brewton at 7 p.m.