Habitat License Plates available for purchase

Published 10:14 am Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The Escambia County Habitat for Humanity now has an opportunity for every owner of a vehicle in our county to help with the organization’s mission.
Lisa Tindell, executive director for the local affiliate, said the introduction of a new option for car tag purchases gives everyone a chance to donate to the mission of the organization.
“We are so excited to have this option as a way to raise needed funds for our program,” Tindell said. “People have to purchase tags for their vehicles anyway and by purchasing the Habitat tag, they will be moving our mission forward.”
Tindell said the new tag was made available to buyers in August and is now available across the state.
“Each time a person chooses to purchase the Habitat for Humanity tag, we can reap the benefits right here at home,” Tindell said. “Since the tags can be personalized, people can still display their own personality while helping us to make sure that people in our county have access to safe, affordable homes.”
Tindell said the cost of the tag is $50 in addition to any other fees and taxes charged for the purchase of the tag.
“Of that $50, the Escambia County Habitat for Humanity will receive $32,” Tindell said. “If everyone that typically purchases a tag for personalization chose our tag, our county would see a huge increase in the services we could provide to the residents here.”
Tindell said the purchase of the tag would follow the same procedures as the purchase of any tag in the county.
“Of course it will take a little time to get your personalized tag back to you,” Tindell said. “This tag will follow the same procedures as any other tag purchase in the county. We just want people who would normally pay a little extra to have a personalized tag to choose the Habitat tag. You get what you want on your tag and we get much needed funds to help us in our mission.”
With the purchase and display of the new license plate, Tindell said support will grow for ECHFH.
“Not only will the funds we will receive from the new plates make a difference, the support will certainly be a bonus,” Tindell said. “Every time one of these tags is displayed on a vehicle, the public will become more and more aware of our organization. The support of the communities we serve is a tremendous help and by putting the Habitat logo in front of more people can only be a plus for the support we so heavily rely upon.”
To learn more about the Escambia County Habitat for Humanity and the services provided, contact the office at 867-0095.

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