TRM Upsets St. Michaels

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The T.R. Miller Tigers have extended their season record to 3-0 after defeating St. Michaels Catholic High School on the road last Thursday night in Fairhope.

St. Michaels Catholic is in their first year of varsity football.

Thursday’s defeat, has placed TRM at number one in region one standings.

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TRM kicked to being Thursday night’s contest.

St. Michaels went to a quick fourth down punt in their first drive.

TRM would setup a 73-yard pass from Joseph Jernigan to Kedarrius Jenkins for a quick 6-0 lead at 7:14 of the first quarter.

TRM would force St. Michaels to punt again on their second drive if the contest.

TRM would run up the field but would fail on getting back into the end zone.

Miller’s, Matt Morgan would take advantage on a field goal attempt but would miss wide.

The Tiger’s would not score again in the first quarter but would retain the ball for the first drive of the second.

To start a rainy second quarter, Jernigan would connect with Darius Webb at 10:03, for a 14-yard pass for another Tiger touchdown.

With rain falling steadily, Morgan would come out to boot the ball for an extra point but would miss again and the score would stand 13-0.

TRM followed the touchdown with another kickoff to St. Michaels.

St Michaels would start the drive only to have a pass picked off by senior, Jalen Walker.

The Tigers would drive the ball in for a touchdown but the touchdown would be recalled back for a holding call.

TRM would again send Matt Morgan out for a field goal attempt.

With the rain as a factor, Morgan would again miss the kick for the Tigers, leaving the scoreboard reading a TRM lead of 13-0.

TRM would get another opportunity to capitalize as, again the ball would be picked off by Jalen Walker on the next St. Michaels drive.

That pick became Walker’s second of the game and setup another scoring drive for TRM as junior, Ke’von Samuel would take a 14-yard run into the end-zone, followed by a good PAT from Matt Morgan to extend the Tiger lead to 20-0 with 4:56 left in the half.

TRM would again end the next St. Michael drive early and retake possession.

Again, Miller would score a touchdown that would be recalled on their next drive, ending the half with the score standing at 20-0.

Miller would come out to receive for the third quarter start.

Gavin Leggett would make a long dash downfield to ultimately setup another 10-yard run for a touchdown from Ke’von Samuel, followed by a good Matt Morgan kick to scrap up some extra change.

TRM would again regain possession after shutting down the St, Michael offense.

Gavin Leggett would make another long run for a touchdown only to have it recalled back again, for the fourth time in the contest.

Narkavis Campbell would follow up the call with a 6-yard run for a TRM touchdown.

Matt Morgan would follow up with a good extra point attempt, bringing the lead to 34-0.

TRM would end the next few St. Michaels drives early and would punt away a series of their own to give St. Michaels the ball for the fourth quarter.

St. Michaels would punt away after a third and long situation, only to regain control on a TRM catch and fumble.

TRM would correct mistakes and shutdown the St. Michaels defense and regain control.

Miller Hart would connect with Camden Etheredge with 3:46 left, for a 31-yard pass and another TRM touchdown.

Matt Morgan would fail the extra point attempt leaving the final score tally 40-0.

The win against St. Michaels would increase the region wins to two.

T.R. Miller has four region games left and will take on Bayside Academy this Friday night at Bayside.