Making the giants

Published 10:02 am Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Someone asked me this past week about my favorite sports themed film.
What was my favorite sports movie of all time?
Well, many floated into my head.
Being an avid hockey fan and player, of course films like “Miracle” and “Mighty Ducks” were some of my all-time favorites.
Films like “Rudy” and “The Express” also topped my list as well.
But which sports film contained the most true-to-life experience of the sports world?
“Facing the Giants” immediately came to mind.
Without a doubt, that film contained more of a factual based content with a real-life situation of a team, coach and faith.
The 2006 movie was filmed by Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Ga., and contained a message that has never before been seen in the film industry or the sports world.
The message of the film related real situations, football and faith.
It showed how all could go together to bring an underdog to the winning podium.
Public display of faith is now sometimes frowned upon and this film showed a coach with real problems at home, putting it all aside to lead young men to be the best they could be on and off the field.
That is something that is needed more of today.
Last Friday night, I watched as Coach Andro Williams of the W.S. Neal Eagles led two football teams to center field, after a very disappointing game, and prayed with them as one.
Clearly, some of the kids didn’t understand what was going on, but Williams made a lasting impression on them.
Leading by example is something that every school and organization strives on teaching, but how many of us actually do it?
On my first game with The Brewton Standard, I watched as Williams lead the teams in prayer upon conclusion of the game.
That image was planted in my head for weeks.
Now, I understand his reasoning.
Honestly, I was wondering to myself about how long it would take for someone to have a problem with him doing this in the world we live in today.
It is sad that we have to worry about having any public display of faith.
Is that the example that we want to set for our future generation of leaders?
Don’t ever be afraid to stand up for what you believe in, especially God.
I challenge you all to lead a right path for student-athletes and future leaders.
What we do now, determines our society and world’s fate.
It’s up to us.

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