Blacksher’s haunted legend lives on

Published 10:37 am Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Many legends circulate our area and some of the most interesting are the ones that include the stories of unusual occurrences and ghostly sightings.
Being a historian myself, these locations usually offer some kind of significance into the minds and events of many years past and draw many people to them for the rich history aspect that they offer.
One place such as this, is the Blacksher House located in Brewton in the Alco community.
The original home was built in 1911 and named Marinia.
It was built on a large acreage in what is now Alco.
The home was constructed by Erasmus Manford Blacksher (1878-1957).
He was born into a lap of luxury.
His family had been involved in the timber business for many years and made a fortune in the industry.
Blacksher grew up in the Mobile area and relocated to Brewton when his sister, Maggie married and moved to the Brewton area.
The family owned land, timber and lumber mills in several areas located around St. Nicholas Avenue and Burnt Corn Creek.
The mills provided the family with a good lifestyle and Blacksher decided to build Marinia for his family.
The home was built in an Italian style and contained covered porches and balconies with elaborate Italian tiles.
Today, the home sets in disrepair in its original location.
The remnants of the Italian tiles still cover the ruins of the vine covered home.
The home caught fire years ago and the red roof is long gone to time but the shell of the home still remains, creating a truly eerie feeling.
May stories have passed through the years of how Blacksher went crazy and murdered his family then hung himself from the balcony.
This legend however, is false.
Blacksher died in 1957 and the rest of his family continued to live for many years afterwards.
The Blacksher house has passed through many owners throughout the years.
The home was lost by Blacksher when the stock market crashed in 1929, the family lost all their wealth and the home was turned over to Mary Blacksher.
Blacksher died in 1957 and the rest of his family continued to live for many years afterwards.
Many people claim the ghost of Mr. Blacksher and Mrs. Blacksher still go about the property.
Others claim they have seen a “white thing”, floating about on the property and even the apparition of a young woman.
Strange noises have been reported such as screams and chains rattling.
Are these stories true, well that is something perhaps we will never know.
Today the home sits covered with vines and trees as a testament of time.
Unfortunately, vandals have made use of the home and it is in disrepair.
But the home still breathes as a part of local history and a glimpse into those who have come before us.

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