Tua fever leads nation

Published 9:32 am Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Alabama, no wait…the nation, has one man on the pedestal for the Heisman.
Tua Tagovailoa has become more than just a quarterback in the football world, to many he is a football god.
Tagovailoa is completing almost every single pass that he throws.
He has beat out Jalen Hurts for the starting job and is now making a name of his own.
The University of Alabama is lined with tiki huts and coconuts every Saturday.
Tagovailoa fever has taken over and it seems that everyone has dropped in on the bandwagon.
“What Tua’s doing is not fair to the rest of the planet. He’s out there doing things that we only have seen in video games,” said ESPN GameDay’s Kirk Herbstreit.
Tagovailoa has sidelined partner, Jalen Hurts.
Hurts remains Tagovailoa’s close friend and they support one another.
Clearly, the transition from a starter to back-up has not been easy for Hurts.
Tagovailoa was 22–of-30 and threw for a career-high of 387 yards with five touchdowns and no turnovers against Texas A&M on Saturday to win SEC Offensive Player of the Week.
At the beginning of the year during the QB battle, Tagovailoa said, “I don’t want anything to ruin our relationship, and we do things to work on making each other better.”
Tagovailoa has clearly made his statement this season and is looking to continue making statements.
With Nick Saban and Tagovailoa leading the team, can Alabama be stopped?
To answer that question, one has to look at the back-up.
Hurts is the second guy in for Tagovailoa and has a record of 26-2 and two championships.
With a guy like that on the sideline waiting to get into the game, he is determined to make a statement when he does enter the field of play.
The answer is simple, who can stand up to the giant?
Could it be No.2, Georgia or could it be, No.3 Clemson?
It could very well be someone else.
The rest of the season will determine the outline for that championship game.
But I am clear of one thing, whoever it is, they will face Alabama once again for the title.
Joshua Frye is a reporter for The Brewton Standard. He can be reached at joshua.frye@brewtonstandard.com

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