Who can take down the Crimson Tide of Alabama?

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, November 21, 2018

With high school football season coming to a close and college football season just heating up for the near future bowl games and the Iron Bowl this weekend, it makes you question your college football loyalty and who can stop teams such as Alabama.
The Alabama Crimson Tide has had another strong, dominating season.
It seems that there is not a team on the face of the planet that can stop Alabama.
All odds are against Auburn this weekend, especially after the electrifying return of Jalen Hurts this past week.
Many are now seeking not if Alabama will play for the National Championship again but as to who will play Alabama for the National Championship.
Alabama, Clemson and Notre Dame all have undefeated streaks going into post-season, pending final regular season week results.
The question on everyone’s mind is who will face the Crimson Tide.
Will Clemson beat out Alabama again for a championship or will my personal favorite, Notre Dame shock the sports world by gaining some retaliation against the Tide.
This year could mark one of the best seasons of college football ever played.
Seldom is there a situation such as this.
Alabama seems unstoppable.
Nick Saban has instituted the unstoppable lineup of the best players of college football.
He has captured championship after championship and the only team that has stood in their way is Clemson.
Personally, I think Clemson puts fear in the Tide as they have already ripped one championship out of the hands of the Crimson Tide.
Notre Dame has a chance to make a run for the championship this year.
In the past, Notre Dame has stood toe-to-toe with the Tide but has come out empty handed.
This could be the year of the Irish.
Teams are hungry to see anyone but Alabama standing with the trophy at the end of the year.
It has become such an obsession to some that they do not care who wins as long as the Tide are not the victors.
The Crimson Tide of Alabama is unstoppable at this point but every giant must have their fall.
Only time can tell if this is the year that the giant will fall or stand at the end of the battle.
For Tide fans, this is tradition.
For Clemson fans, this could be a repeat.
For Notre Dame fans such as myself, this could be payback.

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