History made at the end of regular college football season

Published 8:59 am Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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College football regular season play wrapped up this past week.
As expected, Alabama defeated Auburn, Notre Dame defeated USC, Clemson still has one more game to deal with and LSU fell to Texas A & M in a game that made history.
That LSU game was the talk among the football world this week.
With a final score of 74-72 for 146 total scored points and a seven overtime situation, the game went down in college football history books.
When any defense can allow more than 70 points scored against them, what is there to be proud about?
Sure, the offense of both teams played great, but a solid offense alone does not win football games.
Defense is there for a reason.
To defend against the other team.
That was not seen on either side of the ball for these teams on Saturday night.
The cooler was poured way too early over the LSU coach’s head.
What a feeling that must have been for a losing coach.
Then to top it off, LSU’s director of player personnel Kevin Faulk got into a skirmish with a credentialed member of the Texas A&M team during postgame.
Texas A&M was fined $50,000 dollars for non-credentialed members rallying on the field.
Sure, this game went down in history books and was a thrill ride to the end and fun to watch but it wasn’t a solid football game by either team.
There simply wasn’t a defense on either side or sportsmanship.
Is that the example we want kids to view?
Sure, both teams never gave up.
That was great but the sportsmanship was failed just as bad as the defense.
LSU lost because of poor sportsmanship, Texas A&M is fined for it and our children just saw a poor example of sportsman class.
It is important to remember that our next generation is viewing every action we take.
Something as harmless as a football game is huge in their eyes.
Sportsmanship is just as important as the win of a game.
Next on the agenda for these teams is bowl and championship games.
It is going to be interesting to see Alabama play this year for the SEC title.
Can Tua Tagovailoa be stopped or will his streak continue?
Who will face off for the National Championship?
We shall see together in the next upcoming weeks.

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