Eagles fall to Bulldogs on the road

Published 12:00 am Tuesday, December 4, 2018

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The W.S. Neal Blue Eagles varsity basketball team fell to the Bulldogs of J.U. Blacksher High School recently.
The night featured the Blue Eagle girls, B-team boys and varsity team in action against the Bulldogs in Uriah last Friday night.
The nights games started off with B-team action.
The B-team Eagles took an early lead on tip-off against the Bulldogs.
Grayson Ball helped set the tone early for the Eagles and made some smart plays on the ball, making some big blocks and shots.
At the end of one, WSN lead 10-3.
During the second, Uriah attempted to fight the Eagles back but to no success.
Neal tightened up defense and held Uriah to trail the Eagles, 24-6 at the end of the second.
The game began to get physical after the half and Neal continued to make smart passes and blocks.
Caleb Faircloth made a set of threes to help extend the Eagles lead to 30-6, as they went into the fourth, not allowing any Bulldog points in the third.
Defenses stepped up for both teams during the fourth and Blacksher only allowed two points from Neal.
Neal however, answered by only allowing five from the Bulldogs.
Neal’s B-team won with final score of 32-11.
Next, the Blue Eagle girls were slated for action against the Bulldogs.
The first period was a shootout from the tip-off.
Blacksher drew three fouls compared to Neal’s one during the first and the teams were dead-locked at four going into the second.
Neal put on a strong defensive performance in the second and gained the lead with a score of 16-6, going into the half.
Neal then opened the flood gates to Blacksher in the third.
The offense stepped up and points began racking up from Jyra Odom, Alyssa Askew and Violet Kisev.
The defense of Neal stepped up along with them and began blocking everything that crossed the line.
The girls won the game 49-14, giving them a huge boost in confidence.
Jyra Odom had eight points.
Alyssa Askew and Violet Kisev both had 12 points.
The Neal varsity took the court for the final game of the evening.
The game was physical straight from the tip off and both teams began racking up fouls.
J.U. Blacksher had several break-offs and Neal struggled to hold them defensively.
Things began to escalate as Neal’s, Ammon Craig took a nasty spill under the net which drew a penalty shot.
Blacksher lead at the end of the first 15-2.
The physical game for both teams edged the breaking point in the second and Blacksher racked up several fouls under the net.
Neal attempted to button down defensively and offensively but were unable to match the size and speed of the Bulldogs and trailed 22-7 going into the half.
The physical game continued into the third and final period but Neal was unable to come out with the win as they were defeated 54-17.
“We are lacking experience right now and have lost several guys to injuries and other issues. Our size played a big role in the game and have to work on defense, lay-ups and getting the ball down the court. We are going to be working on getting better and having a better defensive and offensive game,” head coach Dewane Salter said.

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