Sportsmanship demonstrated in the County

Published 9:06 am Wednesday, December 12, 2018

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One thing that never shocks me, is the true meanings of sportsmanship when it is displayed.

Sportsmanship is beautiful thing and speaks volumes when positive examples are demonstrated.

To find examples of great sportsmanship, one only has to look at our county’s young people.

This past week, the entire county showed what it means to support each other.

Rivals were put aside for a week of support.

School colors meant nothing to opposing teams.

Colors that generally are frowned upon in opposing schools were welcomed as Neal traded in their Eagle Blue for Hurricane Green on last Thursday.

T.R. Miller and W.S. Neal both showed their support to Flomaton on their Facebook pages.

Acts like this take me back to one moment this year, when at the end of the Battle of Murder Creek, both teams took a knee at mid-field in prayer together.

They were led by two great coaches who are determined to be positive role models for our community’s young people.

That action spoke volumes.

These two men teach these kids what it means to be humble, kind, caring, compassionate, true, loyal and sportsmanlike.

Yes, there is competition.

What would life be without competition?

But they compete while demonstrating what it means to be a role-model.

I have witnessed players such as Ricky Samuel and Mateo Smith extend their arm out to their opponents and even embraced them.

That is what needs to be instilled in every young person.

Even though it is a competition, never fail to show love.

Often you see a losing team bow their head in defeat.

I am proud to say, in our county, I have never witnessed this.

I have however, witnessed heads held high and young people who refuse to be defeated even though they may lose a game.

I have witnessed young people praying at mid-field with an opposing team.

I have also witnessed a community head strong in the game of football, rallying for a team who has worked so hard to achieve a goal that many said was not possible.

That is the true meaning of sportsmanship and that is the example this county has set for their young people.

With that, I say: well done Hurricanes and what an exceptional job of sportsmanship Escambia County.