BES fourth graders talk dreams for Black History month

Published 10:06 am Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Brewton Elementary teacher Nancee Dehoff put a spin on her Black History Month lesson by bringing history to a more personal level for her students. She asked them to complete this sentence, “I have a dream…” Dehoff used all of the students’ dreams to create a board after coming across a similar idea on Pinterest.

“I looked up some ideas for bulletin boards and saw this,” Dehoff said. “I just love the idea of bringing the kids in and letting them think about their dream.”

The board has pictures of several smiling students holding up their dreams on whiteboards. The students’ dreams ranged from wanting to be in the Olympics to being in the armed forces to ridding the world of homework. One student had an even bigger dream.

“I have a dream to get food and clean water to Africa,” Aubrey Dees said.

Dees’s dream was one of the most selfless dreams in his class. He said this is his dream because he wants to help the children in Africa get clean water for drinking and bathing. Once he grows up, he plans to get a whole team of people to help clean the water in Africa.

Dehoff said her goal for personalizing this Black History Month lesson was to show the students that they are a part of history.

“If Martin Luther King, who probably never thought his dream would resonate beyond his town, could change our world today, then so can they,” Dehoff said. “I want them to see themselves as part of the picture.”