Beloved Tiger Drive Oaks cut down

Published 5:25 pm Friday, April 5, 2019

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The beautiful Oaks on Tiger Drive are no more.
Alabama Power officials along with the land owner made the decision to remove the beloved trees because they posed a safety hazard and could cause power outages because of the size of the growth of the trees.
Beth Thomas, spokesperson for Alabama Power Co., said that trees often present a challenge for the company.
She said officials work to create safe and reliable service for customers, which means the company has a responsibility to keep the powerline free from tree limbs.
In fact, Thomas said each year, the company see more power outages caused by tree limbs than weather-related events.
She said trees give wildlife such as squirrels access to the powerlines, as well.
Thomas said original talk was to trim the trees along Tiger Drive, but they decided it would be more pleasing to the eye to cut the trees down.
With it being springtime and it being an optimal time to plant trees and vegetation, Thomas said it’s important to consider that a small tree planted today will grow to be a larger one in the future.
Here are some questions to consider before planting:
• Why are you planting a tree? Do you want shade, screening, spring flowers, fall color or simply something green?
• What will be the size of the tree at maturity? Does the tree have room to grow in width as well as height?
• Will the tree beat any undesirable fruit or flowers? Or will it produce any large seed crops that will litter the yard?
• Will the tree survive in the local climate and soil?
• Is the tree strong enough to bear loads of ice and wind without breaking?
• Is the tree relatively resistant to insects and disease?
• Will the size of the tree complement your home’s architecture? For example, some very large trees can make a ranch home appear out of proportion.
• What effect could the tree have on utility lines both above and below the ground?
• Could the tree be an inconsiderate choice? Will it shade you neighbor’s roses or hung over their property?

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