Experts: Seismic activity not unusual

Published 5:28 pm Friday, April 5, 2019

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Five earthquakes have occurred in this past month just days apart in the closely-knit communities along the Alabama-Florida line area.
The first quake had the most seismicity at 3.1 on March 6. The second earthquake occurs at 2.6 on March 11, and two more at 2.2 and 2.3 on March 13. The last earthquake transpires at 2.7 on March 24.
These recent earthquakes are classified as a seismic swarm, a series of minor earthquakes occurring in the same area and time.
The phenomenon is interesting to Alabama Geological Investigations thus they’ve put multiple seismometers throughout the region in order to gather more data on the depth of the quakes, motion of the ground, and the cause of the activity.
A reason for the earthquakes, being natural or induced, is undisclosed because there isn’t enough data to support either presumption.
Sandy Ebersol, Geological Investigations Programs Director for the Geological Survey of Alabama, said that the information coming from the seismometers will give investigators and locals further insight on the cause as well as future incidents to come.
Ebersole said that there are “natural faults” as well as “prior earthquakes in the same region”, making the activities not unusual.
Others sources raise speculation that if the earthquakes are induced the drilling construction in the area is not actually of question, but the process of using wastewater to remove oil and gas. New instruments will provide more definite conclusions as research is under way.