EBPD hires new officer

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, August 7, 2019

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From young ages, people are asked the daunting question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Many people choose careers that seem the most suited to their personality and interests. While others like Charles Land, receive a calling. 

“It was more of a choice than a calling,” Land said. “My corporal Brandon Mealer inspired me, and I realized that I needed to join the police force.” 

Land, 20, recently graduated from the Alabama Criminal Justice Training Center in Selma, AL, and is now a police officer for the East Brewton Police Department. Land worked as an auxiliary officer for the EBPD for about a year before graduating from the training center. 

An auxiliary officer is a volunteer citizen for the police force. As an auxiliary officer, Land helped with patrolling and other duties in the community. 

Land is a Brewton native. He said that he decided to go across the creek to become an officer because East Brewton is one of only a few places that is willing to hire an officer who is only 20 years old.

“I think being younger than the average officer can be a strength,” Land said. “It helps me be more open minded and connect with the youth.”

Land’s corporal Mealer said Land is dedicated and comes from a correctional officer background.

“He may be 20 years old,” Mealer said. “But he doesn’t act like he is 20. He is very mature. We have a lot of hope in the officer he will become.” 

Land said he plans to work with narcotics. 

“While going through the academy, I realized that I excelled in the narcotics division,” Land said. 

Mealer works with narcotics and has a K-9 partner. Land hopes to get a K-9 partner as well. 

“I hope to help lower crime rates in East Brewton,” Land said. “I want to help make it a safer community.”