Influenza virus affecting the state

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 11, 2019

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The Influenza virus is on the rise across the state.

“There have been a lot in the last few days we have seen 20-25 cases,” said Donna Conway, nurse practitioner at Main Street Family Care in Brewton.

Working as a floater in Mobile and Brewton, Conway has encountered many cases of the virus.

“It seems to be type A. The type B has had a lot of GI symptoms.  I also work in Mobile, we saw 70 patients in one day and a lot of it is flu and upper respiratory infections,” said Conway.

With the virus on the rise, Conway is encouraging everyone to take the proper precautions.

“Really everyone just needs to get flu shots. These do not prevent you from getting it, but it is lessening the blow. It helps kids and reduces the risk of death. The only issue is kids under 6  months cannot receive the shots,” advised Conway.

With the holiday season approaching, Conway encourages everyone to be mindful of germs.

“We tell everyone not to kiss on babies, and don’t accept any food from toddlers,” said Conway.

“We are trying to tell people to not go to work if you are sick, and try to avoid coughing in front of others,” she continued.

Most of all, Conway encouraged everyone to get a flu shot.

“Everyone needs your flu shot. We offer them here. If you think you have the flu, make sure you go in within 48 hours so we can try to treat it,” she concluded.