City BOE approves evaluation

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, December 18, 2019

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After many months of investigation, Akribose Consulting group presented a final evaluation of Superintendent Dr. Kenneth Varner at the Dec. board meeting.

Many were in attendance, as Dr. Fowler, representing the professional consulting practice, addressed the audience.

“I have divided the competencies of the superintendent into 10 areas. Success in those areas is crucial to have a successful school district,” said Fowler. After many months of gathering data from surveys of teachers, administration, parents, and students, Fowler focused on many different areas of the school system to complete the evaluation. Using the Alabama Professional Education personnel evaluation program (PEPE), a Georgia superintendent evaluation process, and Madison City Board of Education Superintendent Evaluation as guides in his evaluation, Fowler gave an in depth conclusion to his findings.

At the end of the meeting, Fowler shared that Brewton City is an exemplary school system  with a supporting community, dedicated board, outstanding teaching staff, and a central office “that wears many hats.”

In his findings, Fowler stated, “Dr. Varner is an above average superintendent, demonstrating excellence in eight out of ten competencies. No competencies received a rating of unsatisfactory. His overall rating is exceeds expectation.”

Out of the 10 competencies, Varner received a “needs improvement rating,” in regard to “communications and interpersonal relations” and “community relations.”

One of the surveys collected was based on the teacher morale survey. Teachers were asked specifically, “Teachers in this school have a good working relationship with the district’s Superintendent.” The findings included: Brewton Elementary 33%, Brewton Middle School 58%, and High School 46%.

Fowler made some recommendations for improvement, stating the option of, “Exploring additional staff to help in the central office.”

Following the evaluation, the board voted and approved the findings, and Dr. Varner was charged with the task of improvement in said areas.

The next meeting is slated for Jan. 27, 2020, at 5 p.m.