Benefits of bike riding: two safely socialize

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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Bike riding has always been in fashion, but it experienced a boost in popularity when people were asked to remain socially distant for COVID-19. For Brewton residents Abigail Cave and Kennedy Harp, it has become a newfound favorite pastime.

“Compared to running and walking, biking is more encouraging because you are getting more miles in and the bigger the number (mileage) the more you want to go do it,” said Harp. Harp is a freshman at Huntingdon College and recently had to move home amid the pandemic to finish classes online.

Harp, joined by Cave, enjoy riding the streets of Brewton, particularly Belleville Avenue. “We bike about 8-12 miles a day,” said Cave, senior at T.R. Miller High School.

Most of all the two enjoy spending time with each other, distantly. “It gets us out of the house, and we can still see each other,” explained Cave.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, walks and bike rides at a safe distance from others are accessible ways to get fresh air and exercise together. The CDC actually considers the activity beneficial to bikers as long as six feet distance is maintained and small groups bike together. This is because of the positive effects biking can have on the immune system. In fact, one half hour or hour of moderately brisk activity has been shown to support an immune system that fends off viruses. Plus recent studies by suggest Vitamin D can be beneficial when it comes to fighting off the virus.

All in all, Cave and Harp enjoy safely socializing via cycling around town.

Not only does it provide time outdoors, the two are able to make memories amid the pandemic.