Sharing the love with the class of 2020

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, April 29, 2020

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There are many different ways people around the nation are finding to celebrate the class of 2020.

Finding a creative way to celebrate the local seniors, Aronette Thompson Saffore and Jamilla Crook created a space for all to “share the love.”

“I saw it on one of my cousin’s facebook pages in Georgia. I got with Jamilla, and we created a page and it went from there,” said Saffore.

The facebook page is entitled, “Adopt a senior 2020:Neal & Miller edition.” The purpose of the page is to shower all seniors with extra love. Members that join the group are encouraged to “adopt,” a senior and then send a “letter, card, gift, gift card, snack, anything to let them know we’re all rooting for them.”

“We’re doing this to really help the kids out. Neal didn’t get to have a prom. Miller had a prom. A lot of them were discouraged about it,” said Saffore.

Saffore, graduate of T.R. Miller High School, wants to give back because she knows how much the class is missing.

“There were some of them that probably needed that last semester. They are missing different trips. You mail your announcements off to your family. They didn’t get to receive them and mail them off to their families,” said Saffore.

Saffore thanked Crook, Michael Floyd and everyone for sharing the page. She encourages everyone to continue to join the group and connect all the seniors to the group. “We still have seniors that are joining the group. There are still seniors that we haven’t gotten any contact with at Miller or Neal. The page is still up. You can adopt a senior just to show them a little love,” shared Saffore.

For more information visit the facebook page. The event is scheduled to last until May.

No updates regarding graduation ceremonies are available at this time.