Brewton City Council held socially distant regular meeting

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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The Brewton City Council meeting was held on Mon. Social distancing was observed during the meeting as all council members and Mayor Yank Lovelace sat 6ft. a part and wore masks during the meeting.
First on the agenda was to approve the minutes from the past two meeting. Next Mayor Lovelace held a public hearing to consider a temporary transfer of real estate to BDA Real Estate Holdings Inc.
Following the hearing, the council approved the temporary transfer of real estate for the Provalus Project Financing.
In new business, the accounts payable for April 2020 were approved. Next, the “Back to School” Sales tax holiday for the city was considered. “It is the 17th of July starting that Friday at 12:01 A.M. and extends until July 19th, Sunday at Midnight,” said City Clerk Alex McDowell.
The weekend was approved. Following this action the council considered a roofing project for the old City Hall. Lovelace shared, “Next item is to approve roofing services on the old city hall with Wedge Roofing Comp. for $25,800.” The roofing services were approved.
Next, Lovelace called on Airport Manager Earl Lambert to share an update regarding the funds the Brewton Airport received from the CARES Act.
Addressing the council, Lambert explained how the funds were awarded. He said, “I am here– Mayor asked me to come to explain our function of the CARES Act just briefly. The CARES Act was showing some economic compassion, if you will, from the federal government to help in this covid disaster we are in of state, county, local governments to keep their head above water and function like they needed to for the citizens. In the airports case, they graded all the airports in the state and gave them a certain classification and our airport is listed as a rural municipal non controlled airfield. It fell based on the number of airplanes we had based there it fell into a classification.”
Because of the classification, Lambert shared that the airport received $30,000 to provide financial assistance during the pandemic.
“We were awarded $30,000 and that money is to be used to pay our normal bills should we get into stress from lack of income. We can take that money and pay payroll, light bill, water bill, insurance, all those things of course until it runs out. They hope we’ll be in better times,” said Lambert.
Lambert continued, “The airport is doing well. We did receive the $30,000 and we’ve already had a meeting with the Mayor and Brook. We do have to track it. They want to track every penny of the graph which is a usual thing, but they are going to start paying our normal payroll expenses of the airport until we use that money up. It is certainly something we need to do.”
After listening to Lambert, the council considered the approval of the grant and authorization for the mayor to be placed as the signatory for the grant documents. The council approved both actions.
Lastly, the council approved a legal service agreement. According to Lovelace, this agreement was, “To provide legal services for the financing of the Provalus project.”
The council approved the agreement with Hand Arendall Harrison Sale, LLC. The meeting was then adjourned.

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