June marks national camping month

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Did you know, June is national camping month? In the United States, camping is one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities. With the pandemic, this popularity is expected to only grow.
Located just outside of town in Conecuh National Forest, Middle Creek Campground is welcoming guests locally. Alabama state parks remain open as well and is seeing a spike in campers. For any rookie campers or experienced, the following are camping tips to assist anyone on this exciting venture. The tips include:
· Not all campsites are equal. When choosing a campsite, seek an area that offers the amenities you desire. Consider proximity to bathrooms, showers and ingress/egress spots.
· Choose a tent for the weather. Supplies will differ depending on the temperatures when you plan to camp. Select a tent with a sun-protection sealant to prolong its longevity. Face the tent door into the wind for a breeze (and also to keep mosquitoes from camping alongside you).
· Bring along low-salt, high-protein snacks. Low-salt, high-protein snacks will keep you fueled for day trips along the trails without making you thirsty. Dried berries and high-fiber trail mixes also can keep energy levels up.
· Invest in an insulating pad. A good insulating pad will keep you comfortable when sleeping on the ground.
· Use the moon. If this is your first time camping, schedule the night out to coincide with a full moon. There will be extra light at night to chase away any fears and make navigating a bit easier.
· Be an early bird. To see wildlife, hit the trails as early as possible.