ECSS makes plans to reopen schools

Published 3:44 pm Tuesday, July 7, 2020

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Superintendent John Knott on Monday gave the plan to reopen the school system this fall.
“I met (recently) with our school administrators and we talked for several hours about the formation of our back to school plan. We will be meeting with them throughout this week,” said Knott.
Considering all the options, Knott said there’s no such thing as a perfect plan.
“Like I told you before there’s not going to be any perfect plan because when you are dealing with something like a pandemic you are dealing with something that grows at its own rate,” said Knott.
The plan moving forward will be an ever changing document, he said.
“We will put in protocols and procedures, they will be general protocols and procedures that we can follow, but we are going to be fluid, where if there is a need to change that we can already be prepared and planning for next steps in our plan,” Knott said.
Knott said that he hopes to have a rough draft of the official roadmap by this Fri., July 9, to the board.
“It is my goal by Friday to have the board a working copy of what we are working on as our plan. It will be a working copy. It is going to be detailed and long and you will need to go through it and absorb it, think about it, make notes on it; and as we go through the process, I will keep updating that information for you,” Knott said.
Knott hopes to present a copy of the draft to the board on July 15th during a special called board meeting.
“I would like to bring and come back to the board on the July 15 to present that document to the board for the board to give consent to go ahead and put that in place with in mind that that will be a continuing working document,” said Knott. “We will have to be able to continue to modify and adjust based on the resources available to us. Based on the particular needs that we have on our particular schools and based on the level of threat we are facing in our communities.”
Some of the new protocols could potentially require all faculty and staff to wear masks during regular school hours or some meals could be served inside the classrooms.
All in all, Knott hopes to ensure the best options for the school system.
“We have to support our teachers and our support personnel to help them get the job done,” Knott said. “Everything we are doing–we are service providers- that provide the support that they need to be able to interact and meet the needs of our kids.”

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