Municipal election qualifying closes

Published 4:36 pm Tuesday, July 21, 2020

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The last day to qualify for the upcoming Brewton and East Brewton municipality elections was yesterday, July 21, at 5 p.m. Both mayors gave notice of the election on July 7, and candidates for all city offices began qualifying at the respective City Halls.
For the city of East Brewton, the qualified incumbents include: Mayor Terry Clark; Ned Siebert, place 1; Kenny Hultz, place 2; Ludon Simmons, place 3; Bob Arrant, place 4.
Other qualified candidates include John Stephens in place 5. Byron Palmer is currently in place 5 but had not qualified at the time of press.
For the city of Brewton, at the time of press, the qualified incumbents include: Mayor Yank Lovelace; Carrie Brown, District 1; Lawrence Weaver, District 2; Feast Broughton, District 3; Joe Watson, District 4; Cheryl Barton, District 5. Other qualified candidates include: Richard Royce for District 5 running against Barton; Patrick Hendrieth for District 4 running against Watson; and David Jennings for District 2 running against Weaver.
The Alabama League of Municipalities election calendar for all municipalities in the state is as follows:
JULY 26, 2020: • Last day to establish residency to vote in the municipal general election. §11-46-38(b). • Last day to display sample ballot. §11-46-31.
JULY 27, 2020: • Last day for candidates who qualified on July 21, to file an Appointment of Principal Campaign Committee form with the PROBATE JUDGE. §17-5-4. • Last day for clerk who received qualification papers from candidates on July 21, to notify the Alabama Ethics Commission the name of the candidate and the date on which the person became a candidate. §36-25-15(b).
JULY 28, 2020: Mayor must deliver absentee election supplies to the municipal clerk. §17-11-12. AUGUST 10, 2020: • Last day for the council to appoint election officials. §11-46-27. • Last day to register to vote for the municipal general election. §§17-3-50, 11-46-38.
AUGUST 11, 2020: First day to publicly test electronic vote counters. The test must be conducted as close as practicable to the date of the election and be open to the public. Rule 307-X-1-.04, Alabama Administrative Code. The League recommends forty-eight (48) hours public notice of the test.
AUGUST 14, 2020: Last day to publish lists of the election officers and the voting places to which they are assigned. Section §11-46-27.
AUGUST 17, 2020: Beginning on this day, any absentee applicant who has not included a copy of acceptable ID but who is otherwise qualified to vote shall be issued a provisional absentee ballot. ACT 2019-509.
AUGUST 20, 2020: • Last day for a voter to apply for a regular absentee ballot. §17-11-3(a). • Last day to publish the list of qualified voters. §11-46-36. • Last day to conduct a training school for officials who will conduct an election using electronic voting machines, not less than five (5) days before an election. §17-8-9.
AUGUST 24, 2020: • Last day, up to the close of business, for a voter to apply for and submit an emergency absentee ballot if he or she: (1) is required by employer to be unavailable to vote at the polls; (2) is a caregiver of a person who requires emergency treatment within five days of an election; or (3) has a family member to the 2nd degree of kinship who dies within 5 days of the election. §17-11-3(d) as amended by ACT 2019-509. • Last day, up to the close of business, for a voter to hand-deliver absentee ballot. §§17-11-3(c), 17-11-18. • If an absentee ballot is returned by mail, it must be postmarked by August 24 and received by noon the day of the election. §§17-11-3(c), 17-11-18.

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